• No Words For Expressing The Admiration, Appreciation and Love and Regards for Dr. Jaswant Patil. Love & Kindest Regards.
    Sahara Shri Subarata Roy Sahara
    Sahara India Pariwar
  • Manoj Chauhan
    The approach is Completely Different, Starting From Mind, Body to Soul. Very Specific for Individual Need. In-depth Analysis of Each and Every Part Of Your Body With The Use of Accurate Diagnostics Methods. Equipped with World Class Medical Facility for Effective Treatment. Slow But Take Out Problem From Body Permanently.
    Manoj Chauhan
  • Sushil Jain
    I am Very Happy With Doctor's Suggestions and Valuable Time. He Has Suggestion Very Up To Points and If Incorporate and Understood in Everyday Life Will Bring Great Changes.
    Sushil Jain
  • Dipali
    This is What We Really Need! Thank You For Being Here, Dr. Jaswant. Let's Look at Human Beings & Bodies Who Have Cure Within. God Bless!
  • Dr. Jawahar Shah
    Dr. Patil Your Passionate, Committed Approach to Human Being is Commanding. The Holistic Approach is Very Interesting.
    Dr. Jawahar Shah
  • Dr. Rao Ponnada
    Excellent Work! A Boon to Mankind! Please Expand Services to Other Parts of India and Other Countries.
    Dr. Rao Ponnada
  • Brian Collins
    Very Impressive Holistic Approach.
    Brian Collins
  • Aditya Maheshwari
    He Is An Excellent Clinician. A Great Human Being.
    Aditya Maheshwari
  • Sheryl D'mello
    Speechless! Very Glad To Have Visited.
    Sheryl D'mello
  • Jessica malcova
    Excellent Solution to a Better Mind, Body and Soul. Highly Recommended.
    Jessica malcova


SURESH SARODE (3/26/2018)

No word to say about sir.My wife got relief from migrain . Thanks.You will get 50% relief in first visit.Another my relative suffering from soars sis he got relief in few days thank you Doctor.



I just love doc patil…he got my hypothyroidism hypoglycemia n migraine under control…i am healthier and can think straight…all thanks to him


Devendra Arya

He is an excellent Doctor. A great human being.

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