Is Homeopathy treatment slow?

It's a big myth. I have seen in my practice kidney stone pain getting better in 32 seconds and cancer getting treated in three months time. Patients getting life time treatment in just 1 month.

But this does not happen in every patient due to lack of information given by patients & not following Do's & Dont's of Homeopathy.

Homeopathy requires detail & exact narration of innate nature of a person in disease with exact link of emotional disturbance that happened just before the disease with exact symptoms of suffering with aggravating and ameliorating factors. All the more with exact prominent, strong food craving or dislikes, thirst for water and not the quantity of water person drinks compulsorily , tolerance to heat and cold temperatures or weather. Finally change of nature during illness.

These details when given precisely, homeopathy gives fastest results in short duration, as compared to any other modes of treatment.

Principal of homeopathy is " Rapid, gentle & permanent restoration of health in shortest possible time."

How's the disturbed mind cause of Disease?

We all know that person who gets sore throat after eating ice cream doesn't suffer the same in Kashmir due to happy mood. Mind is in brain, which controls the whole body functions. Therefore the disturbed mind hampers brain functions thus leading to disturbed physiology & immunity. This predisposes the person to various diseases, first acute problems start and if emotional-trauma remains for longer time then chronic diseases trouble you.

Everyone gets emotionally disturbed many times in life, but not everyone fall sick due to his strength of the mind to overcome the emotional trauma. To accept every hurt sportingly, to remain cool even if any bad happens with power of forgiving & forgetting makes you emotionally strong & happy. Happiness is the strongest medicine to all problems.

How to remain emotionally stable to make the mind strong?

We do that through health culture activities. If the time lapses and one develop disease, then Deep Ganga Team treats first the disturbed emotion by natural homeopathy medicines along with lifestyle changes. It's only then the person responds to any given therapies. If disturbed mind is overlooked then you fall sick frequently, only to develop resistance to the treatment directed just towards disease.

Why did you turn to Homeopathy?

After practicing allopathy for 12 years with my own nursing home of 20 beds and three bed ICU, I was facing lot of side-effects & allergic reaction, to which, I had to face embarrassing situations and feel sorry for no mistake of mine, even though working hard and sincerely. Allopathy doctors have to work very hard day and night on their toes and when such situation happens it makes them frustrated , all the more with wrath of relatives as if doctors were guilty.

In such scenario my mother was on the death bed & not responding to any standard medical treatments. I was waiting for her to die in this helpless situation. I then resorted to homeopathy & saw the magical result within 24 hours and in 72 hours she was out from the ICU. This miraculous response to treatment made me firm believer of homeopathy. Since that day I never had to look back. I learnt homeopathy in deep and completed my BHMS course to become a homeopath.

The benefits that I saw in my homeopathy practice was that all chronic diseases and those patients, who were requiring frequent admissions to hospital gradually vanished. Patients started responding fast and in 3 to 4 days they were out from my ICU. Time & need for indoor stay reduced. Those on ventilators were out within 24 to 72 hours.

Eventually due to increase in OPD patients & need for indoor vanished and I had to stop my ICU and nursing home. I became more evolved to become dedicated to homeopathy. I use classical homeopathy in treatable and clinical homeopathy in incurable or one sided cases.

I was feeling more energetic, enthusiastic and happy to treat chronic cases like cancer/arthritis/chronic renal failure/paralysis/multiple sclerosis/degenerative problems of brain/ heart problems, lung problems digestive system problems etc. Almost all types of chronic and acute diseases were effectively treated by homeopathy, made me satisfied and happy doctor.

I thank god for guiding me to right path.

Dose homeopathic medicines take long time to give relief?

no, in acute clinical condition like running nose, nose blocks, headache high fever, homeopathic medicine selected with detail clinical history by a trained, qualified doctor with properly selected potency and dose can give instant relief like modern allopathic medicines such as pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

How homeopathic medicines have effects when taken and give results?

Homeopathic medicines pills like atom bombs which looks very small medicines put in these pills are effective due to energy that is similar to Energy in atom bombs. The pills when taken energy enters in entire body which cannot be seen but produces effect bursting like atom bombs. Hence effects of medicines are seen in relief to patient.

Homeopathic medicines have no side effects. Is it true?

It is wrong to assume that homeopathic medicines have no side effects wrongly selected remedy and potency can produce different unexpected body reaction causing aggravation of already existing complaints or give rise to a new complaint.

Are Homeopathic medicines available in homeopathic shops safe to without consulting doctor?

It is not proper homeopathic remedies without consulting proper doctor.

Homeopathic medical shops have lot of homeopathic combinations for common complaints. It is safe to take those combinations?

According to Homeopathic principle guided by Organon. Homeopathic medicines are given as a Single Dose, Minimum Dose Minimum repetitions. Taking combinations, changes pattern of symptoms making is difficult the physician to decide remedy for illness. There for it is a advisable to reveal if he/she has taken/tried any combinational remedy.

What is the efficacy period of homeopathic remedies?

Period of effectiveness depends on the potency of remedy. Effects of potency remedy remains for a short period, hence can be repeatedly taken under the guider physician. Higher potencies should not be repeated without consultation. Repeatedly remedies can complicate the case and makes it difficult to cure.

Are homeopathic medicines effective against chronic diseases like cancer, AIDS?

It is wrong to claim that homeopathic medicines can cure diseases like cancer AIDS. Even modern medicines do not have curative medicines for these diseases Homeopathic remedies, like modern allopathic medicines, can definitely give a palliative effect and relief from painful symptoms. There are many homeopathic remedies which can give better result without causing complications if selected properly.

Can homeopathic remedies be taken a long with allopathic medicines?

The combination therapy prescribed by the physician, depends upon type of the disease being treated. However, it should be taken strictly under the physician consent.

What is difference between a homeopathic doctor of modern medicine?

In the homeopathic system, doctor decides the remedy not only form the patients clinical history and general examination but also from the patients personality , behaviour family environment. A holistic examination means taking information about an individual symptoms respect to mind, nature and body. Since to individuals are not the same, there are different remedies for to different individuals even though their symptoms might be the same.

Can homeopathic remedies prove useful to prevent disease?

Homeopathic remedies can work as preventive medicine like vaccine if taken in early stages of disease.

Can vitamins and calcium supplements be taken when under homeopathic treatment?

The vitamin and calcium supplements can be taken only after doctor consent.

Can homeopathic medicines regulate metabolic disorders?

With dietary restrictions homeopathic medicines, if taken can he help in regulating the functional metabolic pathways to correct the metabolic disorders.

How long action of hom. Remedies remain?

action of remedies with low potencies remain for short time. But with high potencies remain for long time. There are no chemical substances in remedies.

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