Homeopathic treatment for HIV/AIDS:





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Homeopathic treatment for HIV/AIDS:

Homeopathy does not offer cure for AIDS. However, several studies including one from CCRH (Central Council for Research in Homeopathy, Govt. of India), have shown some supportive role of homeopathic medicines for HIV patients, whereby, patients achieve not only symptomatic relief but also reduced frequency of opportunistic infections, improvement in appetite, increase in weight, improved sense of well being, etc. At Life Force, we have taken up some study with HIV/AIDS patients, as a part of our Clinical research and Clinical trial projects. The results are encouraging.

At Life Force, in a scientific clinical trial, we have documented increase in CD4 count in several patients, after using homeopathic medicines. More research is required. Homeopathy is recommended as supporting line of therapy for all HIV patients.

Case Study of Jalgaon Centre

Name : Sulakshana Devidas SonarSex/Age : Female /40yrs
Marrital Status: WidowOccupation : Housewife
Address : Jalgaon

Mrs. S.D.S, (Patient Identification Number S/1466) a 25 years aged female visited Deepganga Total Health Solution. Jalgaon (Maharashtra) on 17-3-2000. She was suffering from Syphillis from the past two years (1998).
Her husband was suffering from AIDS, and succumbed to the disease. She had got the infection from him diagnosed from blood investigations (17/3/2000) referred by Dr. Jaswant Patil. She was a single parent, rearing her children.
She had to work for a living. However due to HIV, she had become very weak and emaciated. She complained of recurrent fever, since the past two years.

She would suffer from fever, once in 6-8 weeks and the fever would last for 4-5 days. She had been investigated and did not suffer from Tuberculosis. Her blood sugar was normal. She had a low appetite. She felt weak. She would get easily tired. Despite being on ART since the past two years , her health and CD 4 count were very low. Blood test showed low CD 4 count.

She also suffered from frequent colds, acidity, headaches and back pain and cramps in the legs. She was a widow, her husband had expired due to AIDS, two years ago.

She stayed with her daughter. She was lean and emaciated. She had severe stress related to her disease. She was not financially strong. She was already on ART treatment, since the last two years, however, she continued to get fever and weight loss and her CD4 counts were steadily dropping. She weighed 43 kg.

Dr. Jaswant Patil M.D (Chest) M.D (Alternative Therapy) examined her and studied her blood reports and prescribed HIV research based Homeopathic medicines.

She reported after every week. She showed good improvement in her health. She did not develop recurrent fever thereafter. Her frequent colds were much better. She recovered from the recurrent oral ulcers. In six months of treatment, she gained one kg weight. She started feeling fresh and energetic.

Her immunity increased. She felt confident again. She no longer suffered from recurrent headaches.

The Blood (Old and new) reports follows as date wise;

*Dated 17/03/2000 [Khandesh Lab. Jalgaon]
HIV I & II – HIV I +ve

*Dated 26/2/10 [Civil. Jalgaon]
CD3 – 966
CD4 – 504

*Dated 01/09/10 [Civil. Jalgaon]
CD3 – 2006
CD4 – 1087

*Dated 10/03/11 [Civil. Jalgaon]
CD3 – 1722
CD4 – 888

*Dated 10/12/11 [Civil. Jalgaon]
CD4 – 1107

*Dated 08/02/12 [Vaibhav Lab. Jalgaon]
HIV I & II – HIV I +ve

*Dated 12/09/12 [Civil. Jalgaon]
CD4 – 580

*Dated 12/03/13 [Civil. Jalgaon]
CD4 – 766

*Dated 06/09/13 [Civil. Jalgaon]
CD4 – 773

*Dated 06/03/14 [Civil. Jalgaon]
CD4 – 632

*Dated 28/08/14 [Civil. Jalgaon]
CD4 – 1077

*Dated 20/09/14 [SRL. Mumbai]
HIV Viral Load – 6320

*Dated 19/03/15 [Civil. Jalgaon]
CD4 – 926

*Dated 30/03/15 [SRL. Mumbai]
HIV Viral Load – 6270

Under supervision of Dr. Jaswant Patil there is good improvement in all the aspects. In her complaints, in her blood values, in her energy levels and confidence. Till date She is happily continuing the treatment.



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