Living with asthma this 38-year-old women was finally brought for Homeopathy treatment.

Case Study of Jalgaon Centre

Name : Mrs.Farzana BeeSex/Age : Female /38yrs
Occupation : HousewifeMarrital Status: Married
Address : YawalCase No : K/1988

Farzanabee, who was all of 42 years, had learnt to live with breathlessness and skin rashes – these had become a part of life for her, albeit a troublesome part. She was brought to Deepganga Homeopathy Clinic for treatment after seeing that she was not improving in any of her complaints with all other medication.

Farzanabee had asthma and her case details revealed that the asthma and headache would alternate with each other. The headache preventing sound sleep. Winter and wet weather would severely worsen her skin complaints. She also had a strong tendency to develop colds at the drop of a hat – these would later progress to a stage of breathlessness and wheezing.

On account of her health problems, Farzanabee had trouble focusing on her Housework – yet she managed to do at home. She loved to be in company of relatives or friends – hated being alone. Stubborn by nature, she would somehow manage to get things done her way, else it would make her feel angry. Farzanabee was very fond of sweets, and spicy foods .

Dr. Jaswant Patil prescribed her constitutional remedy based on a detailed analysis of her case. A few months of regular medication saw her getting better gradually. After 3 months of treatment, she could taper down her asthma medication and still felt better. In spite of few ups and downs during treatment (due to weather changes, etc.), she continued to improve and by the end of her treatment plan, she was remarkably better in her asthma as well as Headache.

She is well-focused on her works today and her family happy that they could rid her of the suffering with the help of Homeopathy.

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