A Case of Chronic Pancreatitis





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A Case of Chronic Pancreatitis

Case Study of Jalgaon Centre

Name : Pravin PatilSex/Age : Male /32yrs
Marrital Status: MarriedOccupation : service
Address : DhuleCase No : P/7235

A patient Mr. Pravin Patil aged 28 years was alcoholic came to my Deepganga Jalgaon Clinic on 18th Aug 2015 with complaint of pain in abdomen for 5 years. He had recurrent abdominal pain, cannot digest food properly, his weight came down to 32kg, for acute exacerbation of pain He had to be hospitalized 2/3 times in a year. He couldn’t tolerate pain. So He always insisted to admit him whenever he experienced pain. He hardly ate any food even in chronic stage. But whatever amount he ate he liked for cold and salty food. He had also craving for meat. But all rich food, meat, and spicy food were restricted for her pancreatic problem.

The pain used to aggravate on eating or drinking with nausea and vomiting. The Men felt pain on his back also.
He underwent treatments in different hospitals; some docs suspected that in the long run it might turn into cancer.

On 14 July 2015, His Ultra Sonography revealed Pancreatitis and Mild Spleenomegaly.

The blood profile was as follows:
Date 19 March 2015
Amylase: 135,

Date 14 July 2015
Amylase: 166,

Date 20 Aug 2015
Amylase: 92.2
Hemoglobin: 10.9
Para Thyroid Hormone: 4.1

Date 07 Sep 2015
Para Thyroid Hormone: 7.1

On 18 Aug, 2015, Dr. Jaswant Patil prescribed some homeopath doses for 1 weeks and some blood test. But the patient came to me with blood reports next week dated 26 Aug,2015 as the pain was as before. Again I gave him some new doses.

Sep 1, 2015, patient felt better by 25%, and finally on Sep 8, 2015, the patient was too much better.

Next follow-up on Nov 4, 2015 he came to clinic alongwith his sonography report.

Nov 2, 2015, Sonography revealed pancreatitis echotexture almost normal.

Dr. Jaswant Patil continued his treatment and only homeopath cured him fully no other medicine was needed.
Now recently, he is fine and giving his regular follow-up in my Jalgaon clinic.


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