Stomach Disorders – How Can They Be Prevented?

Should you avoid having coffee while you are on homoeopathy medication? Take the quiz to find out.

Frequently Asked Questions on Stomach Disorders Treatment Through Homoeopathy.

1. Alcohol can trigger stomach disorders.
A: True
B: False
Answer – A: True
Research shows that alcohol increases the formation of acids in your stomach which irritate the oesophagus. This leads to gastritis that damages the lining of your stomach and causes stomach pain, diarrhoea and even vomiting. In case you experience these symptoms, consult your homoeopath immediately who may suggest you Carbo Veg or Nux Vomica to help you feel better.

2. You must not drink water at all while having meals.
A: True
B: False
Answer – B: False
Taking two or three sips of water during meals does not interfere with digestion; in fact, little water will actually aid digestion. Water breaks down food, helping your body to absorb the nutrients from food as well as helps to soften stool, preventing constipation. But too much water is definitely harmful to you as it dilutes the essential digestive juices and enzymes, thus slowing down the process of digestion. When this happens, there is a consecutive build-up of toxic waste in your body leading to stomach pain and acidity. Robina and Natrum Phos are the effective Homeopathic medicines which work wonders in such cases. But along with homoeopathic medicines, reducing the consumption of alcohol and coffee will aid in quick recovery.

3. The bacteria which are beneficial to your digestion are:

A: Streptococcus Bacterium
B: Helicobacter Pylori
C: Giardia Lamblia
D: Lactobacillus Acidophilus
Answer- D: Lactobacillus Acidophilus
It is a wrong concept that all bacteria cause stomach disorder and stomach infection. In fact, bacteria such as Lactobacillus or Escherichia Coli, popularly known as E. Coli are essential allies to your digestive system. They produce lactase enzyme that breaks down the sugar in the milk, thus helping in digesting milk and other milk products. They inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria such as pathogens in your digestive tract, protecting you from diarrhoea, as well as strengthening your overall immunity system. Your homoeopath may suggest some effective probiotics that can add beneficial bacteria to your digestive system and improve your digestive ability.

4. You should avoid having coffee while you are on homoeopathy medication.
A: True
B: False
Answer –
A: True
Caffeine is a very strong stimulant that acts as an antidote to homoeopathy medicines i.e. caffeine counteracts the effects of homoeopathy and nullifies them. Hence with most of the homoeopathic medications, your physician will ask you to avoid coffee.

5. Which of the following can interfere with the effectiveness of homoeopathic medicine?

A: Drinking too much water
B: Having non-vegetarian food while being on homoeopathic medication
C: Strong odour in the room where the medicine is stored
D: Drinking fruit juice
Answer- C: Strong odour in the room where the medicine is stored
It is seen that strong odour in the room, as well as the application of strong perfume, where the homoeopathic medicine has been stored, can decrease the efficiency of the medicine as well as may render them completely useless, although the exact scientific reason behind it is still unknown.

This Article is written by
Dr Jaswant Patil – M.B.B.S, M.D (Chest), B.H.M.S (Homeopathy), M.A. (Alternative Therapy). He is an Allopath turned Homeopath and has over 30 Years of rich medical experience to his credit.

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