Homeopathy treated infertility and brought a ray of new hope in her life

Case Study of Jalgaon Centre

Name : Mrs Sadhana SonawaneSex/Age : Female /20yrs
Marrital Status: MarriedOccupation : Housewife
Address : Waghoda (Raver)Case No : S/2808

A young married lady named Sadhana came to Deepganga Clinic with complains of irregular periods and infertility. She was married for 3 years, had an ectopic pregnancy 2 years back followed by medical termination of pregnancy. She was very anxious to conceive, but her hysterosalpingography (HSG) report revealed left tubal blockage, right side hydrosalpinx and ultrasonography (USG) revealed polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

She used to get her menses only with the intake of hormonal supplements. Her gynecologist had advised her not to plan for a pregnancy as it may land up into an ectopic, following the death of the foetus. She was also advised for a surgery and yet there was no scope for conception as the surgery may leave adhesion in her fallopian tubes, so she was quite reluctant for the same.

On given her detailed case-history, she is from middle-class hindu joint family where everybody expected an off-spring from her. Of late her relation with her husband was getting edgy owing to the child issue.

Every time she visited Deepganga Clinic she could not restrain herself from weeping while narrating her problems. Based on her detailed study Dr. Jaswant Patil gave her some homeopathic medicine. She got her menses in the second month, and also advised her to stop the hormonal supplements. Initially her periods were delayed and on completion of 6 months of the treatment, her periods were regularised, associated complaints like acne and hair loss secondary to PCOS also improvised. She had started developing unwanted hair growth which stopped over a period of time.

Dr. Jaswant Patil also counselled and reassured her husband. After 9 months repeated HSG revealed no evidence of hydrosalpinx in the right fallopian tube, though the left tube remained blocked as it is an irreversible change. Her gynecologist also told her that she can plan for a pregnancy in future.

Sadhana’s happiness is highly evident be her behaviour after she heard the great news from her gynecologist. Her husband and family are also in good terms with her due to this ray of hope by Homeopath treatment. She gives the entire credit for this positive change in her life to Dr. Jaswant Patil.



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